Michael Bernadsky   (photos)
" Professional photographer since 1985. Graduated from the Germain School of Photography, Center for the Media Arts. Post graduation, Michael Bernadsky has created hundreds of thousands images for various studios as well as individual clients. The work of Michael Bernadsky has served its purpose around the globe: actors got noticed for roles, manufacturers and retailers sold products, publishers attracted new readers to their publications and famous athletes presented themselves in the way they wanted. Michael Bernadsky has photographed many VIP events, worked personally with many famous people and became a celebrity himself in the world of figure skating"
The list of clients includes:
  • International Management Group (IMG)
  • SFX Sports
  • Champions on Ice Inc.
  • International Figure Skating Magazine
  • Spotlight on Skating magazine
  • Women's Basketball magazine
Published in: Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, New York Post and many more.
I have an extensive experience in photographing private events, such as CORPORATE, WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES and etc . All event photography is done in journalistic style, with minimum formal posing.